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Refractique™ Premium Lensball Bags

Refractique™ Premium Lensball Bags

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Introducing the Refractique™ Premium Lensball Bag – A stylish and functional accessory designed to protect and transport your precious lensball safely. Meticulously crafted with attention to detail, this premium pouch offers the perfect blend of protection, convenience, and style.

The Refractique™ Premium Lensball Bag is specifically designed to accommodate lensballs up to 80mm in diameter, ensuring a snug and secure fit. It is constructed with high-quality, Neoprene material with a soft padded fleece interior that provides excellent cushioning and protection against scratches, dust, and other potential damage.

The lensball bag incorporates a sturdy drawstring closure, allowing for quick and hassle-free access to your lensball. Simply slide your lensball into the bag, pull the drawstring tight, and your lensball is securely stored and ready for your next photography adventure. Each bag features a belt clip, allowing the bag to be secured to your belt loop or the outside of your gadget bag for easy access.

Available in two sizes, the Premium Lensball Bags are available to fit the Refractique™ 60mm HD Mini, or 80mm HD Vivid lensballs.

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