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The Original Refractique™ Lensball

The Original Refractique™ Lensball

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Introducing Refractique™ lensballs, the UK’s original & premier lensballs. Unleash your creativity and capture breathtaking moments with a unique twist! Crafted with precision and innovation, this crystal-clear lensballs offer a captivating perspective to elevate your photography and videography to new heights. Our lensballs allow you to capture ultra wide-angle shots, making it perfect for landscapes, architecture, portraits, and creative experimentation.

All Refractique™ Premium Lensballs are meticulously engineered using the highest-quality, optically clear K9 crystal, ensuring maximum clarity and brilliance in every shot. the flawless surface refracts light with exceptional precision, resulting in stunning, distortion-free images that are simply awe-inspiring. Designed to provide effortless handling and durability, the Refractique™ Premium Lensballs are resistant to scratches and abrasions, maintaining their pristine appearance even after extended use.

Available in two sizes;

The 80mm HD VIVID – Our largest Lensball, maximising the field of vision and image size ,but keeping the overall weight at a manageable level (NOTE: Solid K9 Crystal is quite weighty and lensballs larger than 80mm become a heavy burden, without adding any real optical benefits).

The 60mm HD MINI – Designed to maximise portability, at the perfect size for slipping in to your pocket for those impromptu photo opportunities (Perfect for use with your smartphone).

Each kit, regardless of the size you select, comes complete with;

  • 1 x Refractique™ Premium K9 Crystal Lensball
  • 1 x Refractique™ Starter Guide c/w Handy Tips & Example Images
  • 1 x Refractique™ Microfibre Drawstring Lensball Pouch
  • 1 x Refractique™ Bespoke Presentation Box
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