Refractique Lensball & Premium Bag Bundle

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Lensball Size

You requested it so we've delivered! Every lensball already comes with a soft microfiber bag but some customers wanted a sturdier and even more high-grade version! Buy together with your Lensball to make huge savings compared with buying each item individually!

Premium Lensball Utilising high quality K9 crystal glass, with the sphere precicesly cut from a cube, heated and polished repeatedly into a perfectly smooth sphere of exceptional quality to produce great quality images, whether you use your phone or a camera to take pictures.

Available in 2 sizes: 

  • 80mm Lensball - This is the most popular size lensball and its larger size helps produce great quality images whilst still being easily portable.
  • 60mm Lensball - Made to the same exacting standards as the 80mm version but you can pop this in your pocket for convenience and use when that must have shot suddenly comes to mind

Premium Lensball Bag - We've created a beautiful jet black premium Lensball Bag featuring a strong neoprene outer, and super soft velvet interior to keep your Lensball supremely well kept. It also features a metal buckle, belt loop and size adjuster.

Available in two sizes:

  • 60mm Lensball Bag
  • 80mm Lensball Bag