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Refractique™ Accessory Bundle

Refractique™ Accessory Bundle

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The ultimate accessory bundle for any Lensball owner, comprising of a FlexiPod and Gold Lensball Stand to help you get the perfect shot, and big savings compared with buying each item individually!

Refractique™ FlexiPod Simplifies taking the perfect image. Gone are the worries of dropping the Lensball or shake spoiling your shots from having to hold the Lensball with one hand. It's a great accessory that anyone with a Refractique Lensball will find useful


Refractique™ Lensball Suction Mount - The Brushed Gold Anodised Aluminium base includes a 1/4" UNC thread to fit on the Refractique™ FlexiPod or on any tripod and the Stand's flat base makes it versatile as it can also be used without the FlexiPod or Tripod (place it on any flat surface). Protects your Lensball's pristine crystal and stops it from rolling away! 

Compatible with all Lensballs. Please note: the Accessory Bundle contains 1 x FlexiPod and 1 x Suction mount, the image used is to show the products from various aspects.

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